Volume Two

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Volume Two

Process Magazine Vol. 2: “Forms of Contemplation”

In this issue, we take a deep dive into the merits of doing nothing. Creative and critical breakthroughs often happen when we are in an idle state of mind, so why don't we allow ourselves to do nothing more often? We speak to OJ Law, Atira Ariffin, Sharon Chin, Max Jala and Mandy Gioh to understand how stopping to smell the roses can be an unsung form of influence.

Other contributors include: Trisha Toh, Khadijah Mirzan, Vanissa Foo, huruf, Dennis Ong, Lienne Loy, Othniel Ting, Tan Zi Hao and LingJie Tuang.

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  • 150mm x 220mm 
  • 168 pages 
  • Perfect bound 
  • 100gsm cream book paper

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Volume Two